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Fully-managed custom audiences for your ad campaigns

Go beyond email campaigns. Message your current customers where they really are.

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How Human works

Step 1

Segment your customers

Connect your store to Human and start segmenting your customers by what they purchased in the past.

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Step 2

Export custom audiences

Export your customer segments in the formats required by different ad platforms in order to targeted ad campaigns.

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Step 3

Track retention & winbacks

Understand the performance of your retention campaigns and track how it changes over time.

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Human allowed us to target offers at the 60% of our customer base that weren't responding to our email campaigns.

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Joana Massa
CRM Manager, Suposto Cosméticos

Our clients are retaining 3x more through Facebook and Instagram ads alone than they are using traditional winback campaigns.

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Felipe Aragão
CEO, Human
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An artificial intelligence that adapts to your data

We also offer predictive audiences powered by a proprietary autoML engine that adapts to whatever information you collect about customers, from offline shopping behavior to how many times they opened your newsletter last week.

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Retaining customers should be easy

Let Human show you a better way to keep your fans coming back for more.

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