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The best way to start segmenting your marketing campaigns

Human helps e-commerce and subscription businesses understand the customer lifecycle and target campaigns that increase retention

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    How it works

    #1 Segment your customers

    Connect your CRM or commerce platform to Human and start segmenting your customer base by their past shopping behavior and propensity of buying again.

    #2 Build audiences for email and social media campaigns

    Export your Human segments to social media and email marketing platforms in order to create targeted campaigns and personalize your communications.

    #3 Track your retention over time

    Analyze the flow of customers between your lifecycle segments and better understand the performance of your retention efforts over time.


    An artificial intelligence that adapts to your data

    Human's predictive capabilities are powered by a proprietary autoML engine that adapts to whatever information you collect about customers, from offline shopping behavior to how many times they opened your newsletter last week.

    Data doesn't have to be this hard

    Learning about your customers should be easy. Let Human show you a better way.

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